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The Office of Spiritual Life at Oakwood University supports the educational mission of Oakwood University by championing the transformational ministry of Seventh-day Adventist education to the administration, faculty, staff, and students of Oakwood University.

The commission of Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:18-20 and Revelation 14:6-12 compels Oakwood University to promote the wholistic development of our students, faculty, staff, and administrators, to prepare our campus personnel to lead lives of service in this world, and to prepare ourselves for service in the world to come.  The Office of Spiritual Life therefore urges the entire University community to accept Jesus Christ as personal Savior, to unite with His end-time church, and to prepare ourselves and others for His soon return.  Within and beyond the Oakwood University campus community, this witness will be accomplished through our collective preaching, teaching, serving, and equipping ministries.

Oakwood participates in annual local, national and international mission trips where we seek to involve students, faculty and staff. We believe that through service character is developed and faith is strengthened. The following clips capture what we endeavor to do.

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