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Welcome to Oakwood!

You are now officially an Oakwoodite! And, we at the Office of Spiritual Life are excited that you have decided to join us here at Oakwood. Whether you are a freshman or transfer student, we know that your experience here over the next few years will be a life-changing one. You will meet new friends for life, attend amazing worship services, and have opportunities to show your school spirit; but that's not all. 

Here at Oakwood you will also have an opportunity to embark on a spiritual journey. 

The Office of Spiritual Life is here to join, support and encourage you on your journey as you connect with God and with others. Or as we like to call it, your connected journey. Don't worry, the process is very simple. 

1. Complete a Spiritual Assessment

      This will give you an idea of where you are currently in your spiritual journey.

2. Meet with a Chaplain to discuss your results

      Here you will receive some coaching and develop a spiritual development plan.

3. Chart your progress

     As the school year ends, you can repeat the Spiritual Assessment to get an idea of your spiritual development. 

Get Connected Now!



Spiritual Assessment
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